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I'm Jodi and I'm a businesswoman, writer and mum to a little girl called Milly. I have bipolar, EUPD, generalised anxiety disorder and PTSD. I have also experienced post-natal depression and psychosis. I started sharing my experience in 2017 via my Facebook page Bipolar Mummy after an article I wrote about having a breakdown during pregnancy was published by the Richmond Project (you can see that article on the blog page).


When I was pregnant with a diagnosis of bipolar there wasn't much information out there about pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding and parenthood with a mood disorder. Once Milly was a year old I decided to tell my story, I thought that if it helped just one person out there then it was worth doing, and actually the person it helped the most was me, as I find the writing process very cathartic. Since running the blog, I have been interviewed on the radio three times and I am currently writing a book about parenting with a mental health condition. I'm passionate about helping others and regularly get messages via the blog from people in the mental health community who tell me that my story has helped them. 

I want this website and the book to be a resource for those with mental health conditions, family members, friends, employers and health professionals with regards to managing mental health and how they can help. I have found that talking about my mental health with my readers and my support network massively helps. I want to break down the stigma attached to mental health and be a voice for those who have to battle with their brain daily. 


I hope you enjoy reading and if I can help in anyway at all then just send me a message through the contact me section of this website. 

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