A time to reflect

I just wanted to say sorry that I’ve been so quiet, this is the longest that I’ve not posted anything on here or my social media since I started Bipolar Mummy. I think I needed some time out to reflect. with the court case ending in August the access plans kicked in. We slowly got my daughter used to the increase in direct contact. It’s been a big change for her and for me too. It’s been incredible spending more time together and I have felt our bond getting stronger and stronger, even the in between visit Skype calls have been easier too. I have been reminded by people around me that a mother-daughter bond is strong, and it’s not broken with us. I’m relieved that the visits are going so well and that she is adjusting to the change. We had her in Leicestershire for Halloween weekend, and it was amazing. My favourite moment was cuddled up watching a Halloween movie with her, it was a precious moment I will remember forever. I wanted to capture that moment so that is the pic that accompanies this post.

The handover tears are always hard, but she always bounces back bless her. The hardest part is not breaking down as the parent, well at least not in front of her. I have to hold onto the fact that it’s not goodbye, it’s see you at the next visit which will be a very special one this year as we have her for Christmas. Christmas is usually such an incredibly painful time for us as a family being separated from her, but this year will be so precious. Being able to read her A Night Before Christmas and tuck her in on Christmas Eve has been a dream of mine for the last 3 years.

So, I needed some time to process. I have some blog topics that have been on my mind but I didn’t feel in the right headspace to write them. But now I’m back so watch this space…….

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