Award Winning Business Woman

Earlier this year I was nominated for a Niche Business Award. My 10 years in business have been tricky especially being diagnosed with and managing a mental health condition. My receptionist has been with me for 8 of those years. She has stood by my side and assisted me in gaining the award nomination, so it was very much a team effort. We joke that she is the Robin to my Batman and she is an awesome sidekick.

I am thrilled to let you know that last week we won the award. The award was for both my manual therapy business and my mental health business, including this blog. Giving an acceptance speech in front of 550 of the most successful business people in Leicestershire was nerve wracking to say the least, I said that the award was important to me not only as a woman in business but as a business woman with a mental health condition. I basically outed myself in front of 550 of the most successful businesses in Leicestershire. However, it was well accepted and I spoke about being a massive mental health advocate and that it's important for us to have an open conversation about mental health to educate and reduce some of the stigma surrounding the topic.

I would like to dedicate this award to everyone who battles their brain daily and those that support us. The award is also proof that folk with mental health conditions can be successful in their chosen careers. Our experience gives us extra resources and we can inspire others. Massive win for us all.

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